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Why NY and not just NYC would be a unique, interesting, and fun FO5 setting

To start, this should be a single player game. If Bethesda/Obsidian/MS can make it so I can play with 1 or 2 friends, I want that but understand it's not that simple.
So why it should be picked:
First, NY has an amazing history when it comes to Pre-Revolution, Revolution, the Civil War, and beyond. Major events like the battle at Saratoga (which is considered the turning point of the Revolution), the 1980 Miracle on Ice, and Woodstock (along with a whole lot more) all took place in upstate NY. So the rich history of the area is ripe for pro American stylizing and propaganda that gives FO it's unique take on American Atom-punk.
That along with more modern history of things like the Native Americans (The Oneidas) actually taking back their land and forming their own sovereign nation (basically they have their own gov. Pay no state taxes, and self govern with police, fire, and allow gambling which NY does not). So their modern government would not only be some great lore, but I honestly believe could be a basis for the main quest line. Things like their unique tribal leadership, philosophy, and gambling (hello 10 luck) could bring a very grey area to fallout that was kind of missed in FO3 + 4. Plus their mythology would make for a great weird scene that fallout has at least 1 of every game.
Also, for those who don't know, upstate NY is very country with major cities pocketed about. (Utica, Albany, Syracuse, etc). So if you liked NV style of wandering the wastes, or 3s style of city wandering, we've got both. Also, we've got two mountains areas, one in the Adirondacks and the Catskills are the other.
That said, one of the most important parts of fallout are the locations. Where can we go? For that I have a list:
Major locations:
Lake Placid Winter Olympics training facility - the winter olympics world be held in 2078 and if they still exist by then and to play into the game, LP could be the location of those games. Again, the miracle on ice where American Amateurs bested the Communist Russian Pros, was held there. The "Better dead than Red" sentiment would be full force. Not to mention one of a few great locations for a possible vault (80, in this case to house winter olympians). Plus, the weapons could be cool too. Hockey sticks, hockey skate blades on gloves, a goalie mask for armor, you name it.
Cooperstown Baseball HOF - Now when you think Americana, Baseball is one of your first thoughts, don't lie. Cooperstown is baseball central and very pretty. Another great place for pro-american styles and fun gear like baseball base mines, softball helmets (because fuck you "A League of Their Own" style pro-baseball league in FO sounds awesome), and of course bats and baseball grenades. Also a baseball Vault (Vault 4, 5, 7, or 9). Not my idea, but in this vault, there's 32 teams of mens and 32 teams of womens baseball (or coed teams, idk), all of whom are pro players. Vault tec test is simple, winner gets food and drinks, loser gets steroid infused food and drink (but they don't know it has steroids obviously). The idea is, test how good at baseball people can be if given monster amounts of steroids for generations. I'll make a separate post about this in detail if desired.
Canastota Boxing HOF - Another unique area for America. Canastota is pretty boring and empty, but for those of you old enough to remember Rocky when it came out, it basically revived Boxing as a major sport and also had a moment where America bested the Red Menace (Rocky IV). Maybe a spot for a vault or to learn unique unarmed moves. Pugilism Illustrated anyone?
Albany - NYs capital and an easy big city area along the Hudson. A great location for corporate greed, governmental corruption, and side quests. Can't say it'll be the focal point of the game since its very near the eastern border of it, but a good location for exploring and lore.
Buffalo/Niagara Falls - Ya ever gone over the falls in a barrel? Do ya want to? I think using Niagara Falls (which has an American and Canadian side, Canadas is the U-shaped famous one) as Fallouts first "Non-American" location would be fun. First, the falls are beautiful and are a major source of hydroelectric power. Second, in FO, America annexed canada, so it's technically still America! Third, right across the "border" are casinos! More gambling! Third and a half, it's another big city and buffalo is where the buffalo wing was invented (God bless buffalo wings). Besides the cool lore opportunity about the annexation and the city location, the falls could be a major location for the story if the main conflict was about powering the area, similar to NV.
Syracuse - NYs (literal) center city. The Salt City as it was formally known is a big city with some great old and new style. Again, not much about the city to say, but a great opportunity for corporate BS. The main attraction would be the Syracuse Dome (formerly the Carrier Dome). Due to its location and style, it's perfect as a central trading hub for the major cities and people. Think of Great Green Jewel style, people living, bars, shops, etc. BUT the really interesting part is what's right next to the Dome. SUNY ESF (Environmental Science and Forestry). This college is special because (A. I went there) it has very unique programs and with some future tech thrown in, could be a great location for a Fallout 3 Harold or NV vault 22-esq quest. The college already does experiments with major chemicals, evolution (FEV anyone?) and breeding plants for unique purposes. Again, I have a really cool idea for this area, but that can be a different post. Fun fact, ESF is actually working to bring back the North America Chestnut that went (nearly) extinct! Also, some asshole releases the fruit flies the genetics lab work with every year and it sucks.
NYC (Empire, 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty) - Yeah yeah, you can't have NY without the City, but frankly there's so much here to explore and deal with, I'd leave it to the pros to really do it justice.
Turning Stone Casino - Gambling, a hotel/restaurants like in NV, and a good spot for the main quest line.
Fort Stanwix - A real revolutionary war fort. HQ or major area for raiders. Safe, well protected and with plenty of history.
Fort Drum and Griffis Air Force Base: Two major bases that could be packed with guns, nukes, and power armor. Heavily guarded by turrets, robots, and security gates.
Main Quest:
Without too much detail, I figure your character will be hired to figure out the future of NY.
You'll be brought to the Turning Stone which is currently the HQ of the Oneida tribe. Your job would be to either work with the other tribes in the former Iroquois Confederation (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora [added later]). (Quick note: in my AU, some time after the bombs fell, the IC came to power because of their knowledge of living off the land and attempted to rebuild society. After some time rebuilding and establishing a post-war society, the tribes do the thing all humans do and bicker. Around 2200 the IC broke apart but the tribes retained power in their areas. They fight, trade, yadda yadda but no one is in control of everything.
Throughout your quest, it turns out that what is holding everyone back is a lack of power for things like lights and running water. Your job will be to determine where to get that power (Nuclear power plant in Oswego or the falls in Niagara?) And where to give it (one tribe? A few? Or all?). But that's not all, the tribes can't decide who should be in charge. One tribe wants to remain independent, don't help the outsiders and rebuild society in their image within NY, another wants to help others but would need to sacrifice their own people's safety and seclusion. Maybe another wants to be imperialist and expand their borders throughout America through way of force and fear while another agrees with taking land but wants it done through offers of protection for taxes. And each tribe has its own opinion on bringing the IC back together, staying separate, or taking over the tribes for themselves.
It's up to you character to decide who to help. Do you work hard to try and bring all tribes together under one banner or choose a side and execute their will as a paid mercenary/ambassador?
Other choices would be chaos by siding with raiders, or maybe a BOS path to take out all the tribes, idk, haven't thought it all out. Again, not a writer.
So personally, I like the idea that if you choose to go with a single faction, there would a battle/war mechanic where you and an army (or alone if you really wanna try) take over and lay claim to areas similar to Nuka World where you fly the gangs flag. Nothing complicated, normal fallout fights, don't die and kill the leadehis troops to win.
Karma is back. You will garner good or bad rep with each tribe depending on what you do. I'd like an armor system like in NV but I can live without it.
There is an ending. Once you beat the game you can continue doing side quests for armoexperience/ammo but only for the tribes left in power. Occasional rebellions will rise up as random events that need to be put down.
Settlements are limited. Like skyrim, but a plot and build. No need to build one everywhere and you don't even need to do it if you don't want to.
Radio host? Gimme a Mr. New Vegas type guy. I don't want an eccentric 3-dog, I want a smoothed voiced person wishing me lady like luck.
Also, smarter AI.
Otherwise, typical FO mechanics. Weapons degrade, can upgrade weapons and armor, etc.
Main problems with NY:
No real borders to the south. Invisible walls would like be necessary which is stupid. Same to the East, but the Hudson could theoretically be used as a border if you put crazy strong mirelurks or something to kill the player if they tried to cross (or more invisible walls)
Don't want to disrespect the tribes. This is an issue with using each tribe as a possible faction. You're bound to piss off or disrespect one. So it'll be a task to make sure it's as limited as possible.
What to do with the city? It's a huge area that can be used for so much, but as a part of NY it's actually pretty seperated. It's a commercial hub now, but there's nothing there that would really be a reason to go down there. So do you make it one or do we just make it a glowing sea type area that's completely decimated from the bombs? That's my personal choice honestly, but it's a tough one to please as many as possible.
Conclusion: NY is rad.
I'll be taking questions as long as they do not involve Canadian trivia. Thank you.
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my poker journey

My first real taste of poker came in grade 10. I was maybe fifteen, sixteen at the time, and we organized a five card draw game during second period spare. Eventually we got busted by the teachers. I was eighteen when the poker boom hit. My friends and I played $5 SNGs and WPT Tournaments were a big deal on TV. Then a .10/.25 NLHE home game (some nights .25/.50). This game was classic. Actually I played a rather effective loose aggro style at the time. Well I would switch gears, a bit looser early on, some bluffs, and then straight value towards the end of the night. Really we didn't know anything, but we the great thing about poker is you only have to be slightly better than your opponents.
There was a raked 1/2 game in my town, the Rounders Club or something they called themselves, that I cut my eyeteeth on. Then casino trips. I remember sitting down at a 5/10 limit hold'em game. This was so long ago people actually played limit hold'em.
One day there was a tournament in town, someone had rented a warehouse and set up a tournament. I busted in the tournament with an underpair to the top pair, but with the $200 I had left in my pockets I cleaned up on the cash game, playing 1/2 with a bunch of degenerate cabbies. I'd swing crazy amounts online. I was still in high school the first time I ran up a tiny amount of money to three grand on pokerstars, before losing it all quickly. I was fairly degenerate at that age, but we were young and invincible. I went broke a bunch of times, and then scraped together a bankroll and grinded online.
At one point I moved to Niagara Falls to try my hand at live poker. It went pretty decently for a couple of months. It was full ring NLHE, and the games were very soft, filled with rich tourists. I was living in a nearby hotel and grinding the casino all day. One day I tried my hand at blackjack and lost almost ten grand. I had a ton of cash on me, from all my poker winnings, and I started degening on blackjack for a while. I ran pretty good and had a stash of 5k chips. Then I started losing a bunch of my profits back. That is when I learned about card counting online. With my history at the casino as a whale, I was able to count full time in the high limit room for about ten days straight. And any time the count started to drop I would just hop to another table. There was always a new deck, ready to go. So I played A TON of rounds. And my poker career had steeled me not to hit and run. And I play very fast. The result was a huge winning streak. I was using a fairly aggressive spread, 1 to 16 on black. By the time they banned me I had around $200,000. Paranoid, I spent that night in a hotel.
From that point I was backed off, so I travelled Canada playing blackjacked, getting backed off and banned with my high stakes action.
more to come
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Lost Niagara Attraction? "Jungleland Golf"

Hey niagara!
After the community's warm response to my history posts here pertaining to Clifton Hill and the amusement industry, I thought I'd come to you all with some information I unearthed about a possible attraction lost to time. I hope now maybe your memories could again help fill some gaps in Niagara's rich amusement history.
I was digging around in the Canadian Trademark Database and found the name of the company that Bob Dunham operated the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula locations under. For a quick recap, there was chain of six of these attractions across North America, the first and flagship location of both the House of Frankenstein and Castle Dracula being the Niagara locations. The company he ran these under was called Waxattract, and Niagara artist Derek Costello provided the art, figures and animation for these attractions as well as much more.
In 1979, two years after the sixth and final location in the haunted house chain opened (Castle Dracula in Lake George, NY) Waxattract filed trademarks for "Jungleland Golf" and "Monsterland Golf". Both are listed as "For proposed use in Canada." Just a few months later both trademarks were abandoned. A year after that, Waxattract filed trademarks for a Jules Verne attraction with an animated dog barbershop quartet out front as well as an Arby's franchise. A few months later these trademarks were abandoned as well.
For these attractions to have had names and characters trademarked, they must have been far enough into development that art, business plans and structural drawings were likely already partially developed. That's interesting enough, but the story doesn't end there. I tried googling these attractions to find old news articles announcing upcoming attractions or building permits, but found nothing with the exception of Jungleland. In a 2002 growth plan for the City of Niagara Falls, a section discusses the construction of the parking garage for Fallsview Casino. It reads: "To accommodate parking in the event of a closure of the Allandale parking lot at the discretion of the City of Niagara Falls and/or the Jungleland parking lot." Adding fuel to the mystery, Jungleland Golf is the only of the above trademarks transferred to a new owner and renewed after being abandoned by Waxattract. Its transferred to an Herbert W. Cowan in 1980 and not inactivated until 1996.
I can't find anything on Jungleland Golf on the internet. No brochures, merchandise, postcards, photos or references outside of the 2002 growth plan. It's possible for this reason that the municipal parking lot referenced in the 2002 plan was simply the land that was proposed for Jungleland once upon the time, still being referred to as such by the city despite the attraction never being built, even under the trademark's new owner. It's also possible however that this municipal lot referenced was called such by the city because it used to be the land Jungleland sat on, and that this Herbert Cowan ran the attraction from 1980 to 1996 as the records indicate. Adding merit to the theory the attraction existed is the fact that there is a municipal lot about 100ft from the Fallsview Parking garage at the corner of Main and Fallsview. That would have been directly across the street from the Boris Karloff Wax Museum, which was in the parking lot of the Oakes Hotel.
This is significant because as I'm sure you guessed, The Boris Karloff Wax Museum was run by Bob Dunham/Waxattact. In fact, this too was recently unearthed due to a telegram auctioned off online. The telegram was sending condolences to Boris Karloff's wife after the actor's death in 1969 and was sent from Robert (Bob) Dunham of the Boris Karloff Wax Museum. Since the museum opened roughly a year before this, it seems like he owned it from the beginning, making it both Dunham's first attraction and likely Derek Costello's, pre-dating the House of Frankenstein by a year. If he owned an attraction directly across the street from the possible location of Jungleland, it makes sense he would develop more on empty land there after all the space on Clifton Hill was used up.
After heavy digging, I found 2 aerial shots of that area from the early 90s. What's now the municipal lot indeed has a tree filled area with some small structures around it. The photos are not clear at all being taking from the Skylon tower, and one was taken in the dead of winter under a good 3 feet of snow. This makes it impossible to make out any text, logos or even evidence of a mini golf, but whatever is there looks like it couldn't be much else. Does anyone remember this? It's not to be confused with Jungle Putt on Lundy's Ln. near Typhoon Lagoon, the 80s-era mini golf/arcade/Dairy Queen that was abandoned in early 2010s and eventually burnt. Jungleland would have been near the Seagram/Minolta Tower, specifically directly across from the Oakes Hotel and there between roughly 1980-1996, if it existed. Anybody remember anything?
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History of Clifton Hill Part 5 (Final): What Could Have Been, and What Can Still Be

Thank you to everyone who has followed this series or voted for it's creation. I'm glad you've enjoyed it and I'm always happy to spread the important history of the amusement industry, especially pertaining to the place that inspired me to go into the industry. For parts 1-4 scroll back in this sub or click my profile.
In 1989, Welland Securities, who owned the entire south-west side of the Hill, would develop the final portion of unused land on Clifton Hill. They would become HOCO (Harry Oakes Company) and gain ownership of almost all the attractions on land they leased out. This included Movieland, The Space Spiral Tower and the Cliffside Motel. The only attractions that would continue being leased were Ripley's and Circus World, meaning HOCO not only owned all the land on the South-West side of the hill, they now ran everything between Circus World and Ripley's, as well as the Fudge Factory (in its original spot) and an ice cream stand immediately down the hill from Circus World. They planned to keep everything that was on the hill but build on it.
Movieland was remodeled and the outside was given a more noticeable Egyptian theme to match the lobby. This meant large lion statues and Costello's talking pharaoh. The lobby was remodeled as well. Rather than a cameraman and a director filming Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, they would now be filming Costello's Indiana Jones figure, who lowered up and down on a rope above a fogging pit with a cobra rising out of it. Many of the early talkie-era stars in the hall immediately after the entrance (along with Elizabeth Taylor) were moved to 2 large display cases in the middle of the attraction with multiple figures, instead of each one having their own scene. In their original spot just inside the entrance an intentionally scary scene was created to match the popular Indiana Jones series. Many of the figures Costello had added since he became the museum's artist were slightly frightening, like a lunging alligator or a startling Joker scene with a machine gun sound effect. The museum had been expanded at the end, and a large horror section had been added, with many figures like the mummy being from the same mold as the House of Frankenstein/Castle Dracula mummys. Unlike when it would move to it's current location in 2005, the old location's chicken exit was placed before the horror section rather than the haunted house portion. In fact, there was no haunted house section, many of the figures that would end up in the haunted house section of the new location were simply scattered throughout the museum. Many of the figures in the horror section of the original museum were actually less scary and less animated than the Jurassic park scene or the alligator encountered earlier in the museum. To prevent unsuspecting parents who had no clue what kind of attraction this was dragging their children in and expecting static figures of washed-up movie stars, getting the living daylights scared out of them, then end ending up filing complaints with HOCO's customer service department, an intentionally scary scene was put at the beginning. This let people know what they were walking in to, an experience rather than a museum. Costello designed figures behind plexiglass such as a man upside down in a cocoon thrashing around, a skull that popped up from the floorboards in a scene full of snakes, a man on a bed of spikes that fell towards you, and a scene with spiders on fishing line "jumping" all over a rotting corpse.
The Cliffside Motel was amalgamated into a wing of the Quality Inn, and the driveway into it off the hill was removed as it was no longer necessary because it could be accessed from the Quality Inn parking lot. In the driveway's place was now a large empty space between Circus World and Movieland, with the Space Spiral Tower (with a relatively small footprint) stuck in the middle. HOCO called upon attraction design and layout firm White Hutchison Leisure Learning Group (WHLLG) to design an attraction around the Space Spiral that would use the final undeveloped land on Clifton Hill. And so WHLLG designed Dazzleland Family Fun Centre. Dazzleland was a courtyard of buildings arranged in roughly the same layout as the Great Canadian Midway (for reasons we'll get to later) that sits on the land now. The buildings around the outside of the courtyard were long and narrow, picture a courtyard of carnival game trailers but permanent, appealing buildings. These buildings included a Skee-ball building, a sports game building (basketball games, football toss etc.), a racing game building, a pinball building, a funnel cake shop, and the prize counter. In the back corner, roughly where the XD Theatre now is in the midway, was a larger building: an arcade housing video games and more pinball machines. In the middle of the courtyard was a small carousel, and a small building housing games that dispensed their own prizes (claw machines, prize egg games, etc.) and coin-op kiddie rides.
The Space Spiral was incorporated into Dazzleland, still being accessible directly off the hill. As mentioned in part 3, the tower was exactly where the Fudge Factory now is, as the circular store was once the loading area for the tower. At this time the snack bars beside the tower right on the hill were constructed: a pretzel/hotdog stand and an ice cream stand, both of which are still there. The Wendy's was built on top of Circus World, replacing the mini golf that had formerly been on the attraction's roof. Across the entrance to Dazzleland's courtyard from Wendy's was a Domino's Pizza, roughly where the photo booth just to your right is when entering the Great Canadian Midway now. Between the Space Spiral and the Dominos was a fortune teller machine built right into the wall: "Ask the Brain". The brain still lives on inside Movieland, except now he wants a loonie instead of a quarter. Just up the hill from the Space Spiral, on top of the hot dog and ice cream stand, a small sports bar was built. Very little is known about this sports bar, but obvious remnants of it still exists. The area of Boston Pizza closest to the hill (the back corner near the kitchen, the bar area, and the raised dining area) was the originally the sports bar. It featured a small coin-op bowling lane, arcade games, and food. The stairs in the Midway up to Boston Pizza beside Ghostblasters is the original stairs up from Dazzleland to the sports bar. Additionally, the Boston Pizza entrance closer to the hill (not the one with the big bowling pin, other one) was the main entrance to the sports bar. Little is known about the bar, including it's name. It may not have had one, simply being part of the Dazzleland complex. Many of the areas in Dazzleland didn't have a name, simply having signs heralding "Arcade", "Sports Games", "Skeeball" rather than naming the areas like the "Game Factory", "Sports Zone" or "Strike! Rock 'n Bowl" like in the Midway. For this reason, the bar may have been nameless, simply being part of the Dazzleland complex, but it's unlikely a dining establishment geared at adult nightlife wouldn't have a name.
Because the mini golf on Circus World's roof had been operated by the Cliffside Motel operators, HOCO acquired all the assets from it when they stopped leasing the land out. When the aforementioned Wendy's was built, the mini golf was moved just up the hill from the sports bar. It's entrance was right on the hill, but the course wrapped around the sports bar and ran back behind Dazzleland, between the back of Dazzleland and the parking lot of the Quality Inn. It would now be dinosaur themed and heavily landscaped. WHLLG designed the course and HOCO contracted Costello to build all the fiberglass dinosaurs. It's unknown what it's original name was, but in the early 90s, with the smash hit of Jurassic Park, it was renamed Dinosaur Park and given a similar logo. Up until the 2018 remodel, Boston Pizza had a patio. This patio was the exact location of the entrance to the mini golf, and the reason the restaurant's building curved in such a bizarre way surrounding the patio was originally to accommodate the course. Underneath the sports bar and mini golf and was an underground building accessible from a back corner of Dazzleland's courtyard. This area housed all of Dazzleland's miscellaneous ticket redemption games and 2 shooting galleries. The low-ceiling area of the Midway called the "Game Factory" is this original building. The Bonanaza Company shooting gallery is still there albeit heavily remodeled, but Blasteroids, an early project by arcade game company Lazer-Tron, was removed in 2016. Interestingly, the chase lights along the back wall of the Game Factory are Dazzleland holdovers. Between the shooting gallery and where what's left of the racing games now are is a bank of maintenance doors. If you get lucky and see them open, you'll see a stairs that was originally an entrance to Dazzleland from further up the street, beside Dinosaur Park. This now lets out somewhere in Boston Pizza's arcade (although I haven't been able to figure out where) and is used by staff to get from "a" to "b" faster.
Dazzleland has been the hardest to dig up information on in my research on Clifton Hill. Although I now know what was in each of the buildings around the outside of this "courtyard", I haven't been able to find which one was where. The only things I've confirmed is where the video game building was, what was in the building in the middle, and confirmed that the Game Factory was originally part of Dazzleland. The rest is beyond me and my memories of it have long faded. If anyone worked here or visited it frequently and has any answers, they would be greatly appreciated. Additionally there was a small pool near the front with a Costello dragon figure in it that spit water out it's mouth. I've heard conflicting reports that this was just a fountain, and others saying it was a small bumper boat or RC boat attraction, but my guess is it was just a fountain as it seems like a pretty small pool. The same year, fiberglass dragon waterslides were added to the Quality Inn pool. Although bearing striking resemblance to Costello's dinosaurs and Dazzleland dragon, at least one more of each of the dragon slides exist, all the way down in Texas. It was originally thought this Texas waterpark bought them off HOCO when Quality Inn closed, but one of the Quality Inn dragons appeared on an episode of shipping wars going to Kansas and the other was recently found abandoned on a private residential property in Niagara, proving they are in fact not the ones at the Texas waterpark. This is evidence they may have been mass produced.
By the time Dazzleland opened in 1989, it was the 8th arcade on the hill (after Circus World, Q-Balls Billiards Pub in Quality Inn, the arcade in Ripley's, the arcade in the Foxhead, the arcade in Castle Dracula, Funland in the basement of the House of Frankenstein, and an arcade that had recently opened in the Pilgrim Motel in their gift shop.) These were just the large-scale, dedicated arcades right on the hill. Many others could be found nearby in Maple Leaf Village, the Skylon, the Seagram, Pyramid Place and the Imperial Hotel as well as many mini golf courses and family fun centres along Lundy's Ln. and the QEW. Also, virtually every gift shop on Clifton Hill and Victoria Ave. had a game or 2.
The mix of arcades, haunted houses, fast food, nightlife and stores selling t-shirts and posters had started a well-known rock culture in Niagara Falls among Southern Ontario youth. The epicenter of this was "Rock World", a rock-themed gift shop that had opened in 1983 on Centre St. (the street Clifton Hill becomes just above Victoria Ave.) They would later add a second story and build Rock Legends Wax Museum above it, with all the figures sculpted by the store's owner Pasquale Rammuno. In 1996, Maple Leaf Village was replaced by Casino Niagara, and many of the attractions found new homes on Victoria Ave., including Screamers and Nightmares. The Elvis Museum, Antique Auto Museum, 50s diner nightclub, and arcade all moved to Pyramid Place adjacent to the IMAX pyramid. Screamers prospered on Victoria Ave., and 2 "sequel attractions" were built in the early 2000s: Creatures of the Night on Victoria Ave. and Horror Manothe Zombie Zoo Nightclub on Centre St. Another attraction, Alien Encounter, would open at the corner of Victoria Ave. and Clifton Hill beside the Criminals Hall of Fame. This slightly thematically darker "north of the hill" area with the Screamers chain, the Criminals Hall of Fame, Rock Legends, Nightmares and Alien Encounter became a "main strip" all in it's own.
As mentioned before, since the cabin courts were all town down in the early 50s, nothing had been torn down on Clifton Hill. The only exception was the Houdini Hall of Fame that burnt to ash in 1996. Some of Houdini's Last Words were claiming that anything revealing his secrets would perish in flame, and even though the fire completely leveled the museum, the plywood and fiberglass paneled House of Frankenstein only separated from it by a 2-foot wide alley was completely untouched, leading a lot of Houdini's fans to believe he was conducting some kind of post-mortem practical joke. The metal objects like handcuffs and the water tank could be saved, and were bought by David Copperfield. Ripley's Moving Theatre was built in it's place. Over the 30 years from Tussaud's opening in 1959 to Dazzleland in 1989, Clifton Hill had expanded and filled up the land. However that didn't mean it was time to tear things down. Things were simply moved around or remodeled to keep them fresh, not out of an unwillingness to change, but because these things had become ingrained in the landscape. Examples of this were Tussaud's moving to its current home in the old building of a restaurant that had since moved on Victoria Ave., rather than the attraction shutting down, or the Adventure Dome Theatre oepneing in part of the Honeymoon City's gift shop. In Tussaud's old place was built the MGM walkthrough/store, Pink Panther ride and 4D Ride in 2002. The beer garden beside it was replaced with the WWE building and the Piledriver ride, but the beer area was moved to between the 2 attractions. In 2004 the Foxhead's arcade was expanded and re-themed into the Marvel Superheros Adventure City.
Another great example of re-freshing an existing attraction was Dazzleland. A simple realization was made, more games = more money and higher guest enjoyment. The outdoor courtyard style with it's room for walkways between the buildings was re-designed, and HOCO again called upon WHLLG. WHLLG designed not only a remodel of Dazzleland, but an incredible 5-step plan that would have made Clifton Hill financially on par with a major theme park. Steps 1-3 came to fruition. Step 1 was remodeling Dazzleland into the Great Canadian Midway in 2002. The level, concrete foundation Dazzleland was built on was kept as the foundation of the Midway, hence why it has the same layout. The former video game building at the back became the FX Ride Theatre (now XD Theatre/Wild West Coaster) in the Midway. The funnel cake shop was kept where it was in Dazzleland except now it was in the Midway, between the FX Ride and the Prize Counter. The area housing Dazzleland's ticket redemption games became the Game Factory. The middle building housing the claw games and kiddie rides was demolished, as it was no longer needed because the Midway was fully indoors and there was now a massive space to put games. The sports bar was expanded and became Boston Pizza, so Dinosaur Park was moved to in front of the Comfort Inn. Under the expanded Boston Pizza, Sally Corp. was hired to build the interactive Ghostblasters dark ride. All of Dazzleland's old games made the transition into the Midway, however very few are still around.
With the Midway making serious buck, HOCO went ahead with phase 2 of WHLLG's plan. Movieland was moved to Circus World's former location in 2005, and Circus World's owners moved the attraction to what was then the popular Victoria Ave. area. In Movieland's old home, Cosmic Golf, a blacklight golf was temporarily set up. 2 years later in 2007, the golf moved to it's permanent home in the basement becoming Galaxy Golf and the gift shop that had been formerly in the basement was moved upstairs. Movieland retained all the figures and sets they had at the time of the move, moving them all into the new space. All the scary elements were put in the new "House of Horrors", a small optional haunted house at the end of the attraction.
Phase 3 involved beginning to demolish the only thing that WHLLG's 5 phase plan would have torn down: Quality Inn. In it's place an amusement park would have been built, anchored by Canada's largest ferris wheel. The wheel would be phase 3 and the amusement park phase 4. Though both WHLLG and HOCO recognized the historical value of the hotel, it had reasons to go. The hotel may have been full of your usual hazardous mid-century building materials (however Comfort Inn built by the same firm the same year was found to have no hazardous materials when it was torn down in 2015, so who knows) but the main issue was elevators and the amount of space it took up. Comfort Inn only had 2 wings, one on each side of the lobby, and only 2 elevators would have needed to be installed. This wasn't legally necessary, as no law states that buildings of age absolutely have to be 100% accessible, it was more something HOCO wanted to do. Quality Inn had multiple wings that weren't accessible from one another, so an elevator would need to be installed in each wing. In addition to the elevator issue, Comfort Inn was chosen as the hotel to keep because the building was integrated with Kelsey's, Rumors Nightclub, Ripley's, and Dinosaur Park, all of which wouldn't have been touched in WHLLG's 5 phase plan. Finally, Comfort Inn's land wasn't big enough for an amusement park whereas Quality Inn's was. 2 things would justify the demolition of Quality Inn. One, it's sister hotel, Comfort Inn, would have been kept. The other reason justifying the demolition would be phase 5: a skyscraper hotel and indoooutdoor waterpark in the field between Clifton Hill and the Skylon Tower. The dragon figures from Quality Inn's pool were kept in HOCO's storage for a time for this waterpark. The final vision can be seen here.
Phase 3 would go ahead in 2006, with the lobby, Golden Griddle and Q-Balls Billiard pub of Quality Inn being torn down and the Skywheel built in it's place. For the last year Quality Inn was open, you would need to register at Comfort Inn's lobby. The same year, the Space Spiral was torn down, as 2 observation attractions wouldn't be needed on the hill. However, a new spiral tower would have been constructed during phase 4 in the theme park. The reason the tower would be demolished rather than moved was because a tower manufactured by the same company in Wildwood, NJ, had begun to sway a few years earlier, resulting in it needing to be removed entirely for safety reasons. Phase 4 was set to go ahead in 2010, so in 2009 the remainder of Quality Inn was demolished. It seemed as though everything would fall into place, and with the exception of Quality Inn making it's sacrifice, everything on Clifton Hill that had been there for 20-60 years would be there forever, just greatly expanded on.
Unfortunately, this came at a turning point for Clifton Hill, when the recession was in full swing and tourism had declined since 9/11. Changing technology and interests, but no real nostalgia trend yet, created a perfect storm, and the idea was scrapped. Especially now that there would be no amusement park, a lot of area attractions closed. HOCO now needed to find a new design company to completely re-design the project. The problem was, Quality Inn was already torn down to make way for the amusement park. HOCO reluctantly found a new design company who had no projects under their belt yet, IDS. HOCO was hopeful the Canadian company could help give them a similar vision to their previous 5 stage plan, that would help them re-use many of the already implemented stages and despite scrapping the amusement park, would simply scale down and redesign the hotel. This was done in hopes that the city would be much more likely to approve just another high rise hotel than an amusement park as well. IDS' new plan was much different than what HOCO was looking for. It featured tearing down Ripley's, Comfort Inn, Kelsey's, and Rumours Nightclub and building a Titanic Museum shaped like the boat. It also featured building a large mall within the hotel rather than a waterpark and relocating and expanding Dinosaur Park into Dinosaur Adventure Golf on Quality Inn's old land. While HOCO thankfully chose not to go ahead with the mall and Titanic Museum, they would build Dinosaur Adventure Golf and work with IDS to make a more feasible plan that better suited Clifton Hill.
The new plan featured Dinosaur Adventure Golf and Strike! Rock 'n Bowl as phase 1. It also included removing a lot of the thematic brand identity elements WHLLG had implemented to coincide with their final amusement park vision and replacing Galaxy Golf with Wizard's Golf as phase 2. Phase 3 would feature tearing down Comfort Inn (that never got it's elevators due to it no longer being planned to be kept), building Niagara Speedway in it's place, and removing Rumors Nightclub to accommodate the new Kelsey's bathrooms and Zombie Attack. Phase 4 would feature remodelling Wendy's, Boston Pizza and Kelsey's. Phase 5 would feature a mall (no hotel) in the field between Dinosaur Adventure Golf and the Skylon, but this final phase will likely never come to fruition.
Multiple attractions have closed since the late 2000's, such as the entire Screamers chain, Circus World, The Criminals Hall of Fame, Funland Arcade and Alien Encounter. The Hilltop Motel became the current home of the Upside Down House, and the Pilgrim Motel became Captain Jack's. Ironically, the only part of the building that's not part of the entertainment centre is a Mini Mart at the back that was the original arcade in the Pilgrim. Virtually everything in the Falls. Ave. complex other than Rainforest Cafe and the 4D theatre is gone. Marvel Superheroes Adventure City lost its license after Disney bought Marvel, and it simply became Adventure City. The Hulk Mini Golf became jungle themed, Spider-Man references were (poorly) removed from the dark ride, and X-men referenced were (also poorly) removed from the bumper cars. References to Marvel can still be found in the arcade, such as Spider-Man's face on a tree that was only covered up a few years ago. The WWE Store, after being abandoned since 2012, was turned into the Niagara Brewery Beer Store in 2016, fitting considering the land's history as a beer garden. Planet Hollywood on Falls Ave. closed around 2014, and is still abandoned. The MGM walkthrough was abandoned for over 10 years before becoming a barbecue restaurant in 2019.
The changes in the Falls Ave. complex are an example of good change, replacing abandoned attractions with ones that if anything are closer to what used to be there, such as Adventure City becoming an unthemed arcade again or the Beer Store being where the Beer Garden once was. Another example of this good change would be the long abandoned (and burnt) Adventure Dome that had briefly held a Lego attraction being turned into the Amazing Big Top Mirror and Lazer Maze in 2017. However a perfect example of negative change is the Rock Legends Wax Museum being forced out of business because a YouTube video of the museum was flagged for copyrighted music by YouTube's algorithms. This lead Sony Music to investigate the museum and shut it down last year if it wouldn't pay ridiculous licensing fees, which it couldn't afford.
Another example is IDS' redevelopment plan. HOCO is now locked in a contract with them, even though they obviously have very different ideas on the direction of Clifton Hill. Phase 1 was implemented in 2011, with Boston Pizza expanding their arcade to include Strike! Rock 'n Bowl and Dinosaur Park moving to where Quality Inn was and being renamed Dinosaur Adventure Golf. All of Costello's original dinosaurs (with the exception of the original Pterodactyl) would "migrate" to the new location where they would be joined by dozens of new mass-produced dinosaurs. Interestingly, foundations were built back in 2011 for the original 2 Brontosaurs to appear as if they were coming out of the ponds, but they wouldn't show up until 2019 when they were brought back out of storage to be installed, only to lay on the ground for a few months before going back into storage. Although it didn't use new hand-made figures, this attraction was a change that fits the spirit of Clifton Hill and was a good replacement for the empty plot of land that had once housed Quality Inn, even if an amusement park would have been better. The same cannot be said about the rest of IDS' plan. Many thematic elements installed throughout the hill by WHLLG (especially in Movieland and the Midway) were removed in phase 2 in 2013 simply to fit with IDS's image better, costing HOCO a lot of money. Phase 3 went ahead in 2015, and the 60 year old Comfort Inn was demolished, along with the old HOCO offices in it that if you remember from part 1, was the original nearly 200 year old stable building for the Zimmerman estate. Niagara Speedway was built in it's place, and if you look at the prices to drive it, then watch how many people do, you realize just how much they're making off it. Rumors Nightclub, originally the Queen's Door Nightclub in 1956, was gutted and turned into Zombie Attack and the new Kelsey's bathrooms, as the old ones had been in the Comfort Inn building. Phase 4 in 2018 extensively remodeled Wendy's as well as Boston Pizza, removing the patio.
Ghostblasters is now the final untouched WHLLG era attraction on the land. This is made even more troubling by the fact the signs for it were just removed and replaced with temporary ones, as I said in the post that started the entire discussion on whether or not I should do this series. If the attraction does go, we can only hope that a new interactive dark ride utilizing artistry, dimensional scenes and props much like Ghostblasters does is built, however that likely won't be the case. Triotech is the lead designer of ride through shooting games, that feature a dark ride car that travels through a hallway with screens on each side of it rather than real props. Triotech has dealt with HOCO before, building both the Wild West Coaster and Zombie Attack, so all signs point to one of these attractions replacing Ghostblasters if it closes.
There is still hope that Clifton Hill can retain it's spirit, but it stands at a crossroads. The House of Frankenstein for example, while retaining many original scenes, has had many removed and replaced with nothing, and many areas of the museum taken out entirely. Castle Dracula on the other hand hasn't updated a thing, but hasn't cared for the original scenes either, leaving them to fall into disrepair and only having 7 or 8 of the original 70 still lit, and none of them still functional. There are 2 directions Clifton Hill can go. With many attractions like the ones on HOCO's side being demolished to make way for whatever is trendy and lucrative, and many hanging on by a thread like Castle Dracula or Ghostblasters, the Hill is in real danger of becoming an endlessly overturning and developing area. However, with money recently being poured back into attractions like the Haunted House, Ripley's, and Guinness and attractions being redeveloped like the Falls Ave. complex or the Big Top Mirror maze, there is hope. If people, including the companies that own them, can recognise the historical value of attractions like Castle Dracula, The House of Frankenstien, Movieland, Tussaud's, etc., this can be promoted and the recent nostalgia boom can create large profits if this is played up. Additionally, future developments can still be more in the vein of what WHLLG envisioned for Clifton Hill, or what the Burlands recently did with the well done Big Top Mirror Maze. This is both profitable and economically sensible, as repeat customers that make memories and come to the area for generations with occasional new updates/re-themings (like what Clifton Hill did from the 50s-2010s), is far more profitable than a constantly turning over wave of new developments that cost millions to build that changes with each generation.
Thank you to everyone who has followed this series. Sorry for the length of this, but I promised this would be the last installment, so it has to be longer. If you have any information pertaining to Dazzleland or anything you know that I didn't cover in this series, let me know. Additionally, if you would like me to dig up photos on anything that I mentioned in the series, let me know, as unless it's the Dazzleland dragon, I probably have a photo of it. I will likely post many of them here anyway in time. Thanks again.
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History of Clifton Hill Part 2: Boom Years

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on part 1, your feedback is much appreciated. If you haven't read part 1 or want to see the original poll that brought me here, scroll back in this sub or (if you're reading this in the future and it's long since buried) click on my profile and find them there in my posts.
By the 50s, it had become clear that using Clifton Hill as a series of budget, away from the falls tourist camps wasn't nearly as lucrative as the land could potentially be. Welland Securities opened the Quality Inn Fallsway where Dinosaur Adventure Golf now sits and the Park Motor Inn (later Venture then Comfort Inn) where Niagara Speedway now is. Clifton Touring Camp was torn down to make way for these, save for the snack bar where Wizard's Golf now is that was an original Zimmerman estate gate house. The guest house building and gardens of the estate that remained at this point were torn down, but the stable building was gutted, re-enforced and turned into the Welland Securities offices in the Park Motor Inn. This remained Welland Securities (now HOCO)'s offices until Comfort Inn was torn down in 2015 (and the nearly 150 year old stable building with it). Quality Inn featured a restaurant and nightclub in it's lobby building: the T-bird room. The T-bird hosted a variety of early rock and roll acts over the years until it's eventual transition into a Golden Griddle and Q-Balls Billiards Pub in the 70s. The hotel also featured 4 swimming pools: a large outdoor pool, an outdoor kiddie pool, an indoor pool and an indoor hot tub. The Park Motor Inn only featured a single outdoor pool and hot tub (area became an enclosed atrium in the 70s.) However, it featured a gift shop (where Kelsey's has been since the 80s), the Queen' Door Nightclub (became Rumors Nightclub in the 80s, now divided up into multiple things like the relocated Kelsey's bathrooms and Zombie Attack) and Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. Ripley's leased the land from Welland Securities. It was the second attraction in the Ripley company's popular chain of "Odditoriums", predated only by the original St. Augustine FL location. The Niagara Falls History Museum had opened a few blocks away in the early 1900s in the building currently occupied by the Bird Kingdom, but it was closer to a museum than a tourist attraction. Ripley's was the first real attraction to open up in Niagara.
Ripley's was a massive success, becoming Niagara's must visit location second only to the falls itself. It (along with Marilyn Monroe's breakthrough film "Niagara" in 1953) opened the floodgates, and by 1960, all the cabin courts had been demolished. In 1955, Charles Burland tore down his Niagara Falls Tourist Camp and bought all the land from the aforementioned field where Captain Jack's now is to Tussaud's. He tore down all the cabin courts on this land, building the Honeymoon City Motel (known as Travelodge since the early 2000s) in the place of Reinhard's Riverhurst Inn and his Niagara Falls Tourist Camp, a parking lot (now Castle Dracula) in the place of the Darling Cabins, and the Clifton Motor Inn (known as Thriftlodge since early 2000s) where Clifton Camp was. The Honeymoon City Motel had a restaurant where the Guinness museum now is, as well as the gift shop that's still there beside Guinness. Clifton Motor Inn had the Clifton Hill Family Restaurant in the old Camp Clifton restaurant building (still there), a "Bonanza" company shooting gallery (now replaced with a newer gallery) and the iconic Dairy Queen, which was then a Frostee Freeze. Burland responded to Ripley's in 1958 by opening the Life Museum in the former restaurant in the Honeymoon City and moving the restaurant a floor up (now Ruby Tuesday's.) The Life Museum was a bizarre attraction celebrating the life cycle from conception to death for both the male and female body, incredibly taboo for the time. Ripley's and the Life Museum would begin Clifton Hill's staple of bizarre attractions themed to the curious and macabre. In 1959 Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum had opened attached to the Foxhead Hotel where the building with the Pink Panther ride/former MGM attraction is now.
In 1960, 2 hotels opened between the Frostee Freeze and the old Victoria Ave. railway station at the top of the hill. These were the Clifton Motor Hotel (renamed the Pilgrim just 3 years later, now the building now occupied by Captian Jacks) and the Hilltop (the land now occupied by the Upside Down House.) With these hotels came Oneida Ln. running off Clifton Hill towards what's now Casino Niagara's Parking lot. Of course, in 1960, this was the parking lot for the Oneida Plate Factory that was the Casino Niagara building's original life. At the front of the factory between the 2 Falls Ave. hotels was the Antique Auto Museum, opened the same year, and a few years later in 1964 they would add a large observation tower sticking out the top as part of the factory tour, now the abandoned steel-plated tower that simply says "Casino". The Clifton Motor Hotel had a restaurant and gift shop on the main floor adjacent to the lobby as well as a pool on the third floor at the back of the building in a room with a glass ceiling. The Hilltop Motel's office was where Beavertails now is, and the motel contained a snack bar (now burger king), and 2 gift shops. One was in the current location of the Crystal Caves attraction. A fun history tidbit: this basement gift shop was leased out, and apparently a brother of the motel owner conspired with the gift shop operator in the mid 60s to run a bookie racket, but a Toronto investigator seemingly found out the jig fairly fast. This brother would mysteriously disappear years down the road in the 80s, which may or not have been related to his criminal activity nearly 20 years before. The other gift shop was what's now the first floolobby of the House of Frankenstein. The building was only one story at this point, seen here. The second story wouldn't be added until 1969, in a business move by local businessman Robert Dunham that would forever change the face of Niagara Falls, the world of animatronics, and the amusement industry as a whole. We'll cover that later in part 3.
Meanwhile, riding high on the success of Ripley's, Welland Securities leased more land to private companies for more attractions to be built starting in 1965. The first was a motel built between Quality Inn and the hill, the Cliffside. The Cliffside resided roughly where the employee parking space is now between Dinosaur Adventure Golf and the large cliff down to Victoria Park. It's driveway in off the hill was where the Great Canadian Midway now resides, as can be seen here. At the end of the motel farthest from the hill, it was adjacent to one of the wings of the Quality Inn. This often created confusion as to things like which lobby was who's, if guests from one were allowed to use the other's pool, etc. This confusion would end much later in 1989 when Welland Securities stopped leasing the land out and amalgamated the Cliffside into being part of the Quality Inn. Just down the hill from the driveway into the Cliffside was a small snack bar on land leased from Welland Securities by the same people as the Cliffside, with a miniature golf course on the roof.
Further up the hill, the last remaining gate house from the Zimmerman estate that was being used as a snack bar was torn down in 1965 to make way for a new attraction. Malcolm Howe leased the land from Welland Securities and would take 2 years to build a pivotal attraction: Movieland Wax Museum. Opened in 1966 in the building now occupied by Wizard's Golf and the Upper Canada Trading Co., the museum was on the main floor with a gift shop called Niagara Marketplace in the basement. All of the figures were sculpted by legendary halloween mask creator, artist Don Post at his Don Post Studios in Florida. Chances are, if you know anything about trick or treating from 1950 to the early 90s, you're familiar with a celluloid plastic mask created by Don Post. However, Post's artistic abilities went far beyond disposable plastic monsters. His team at the Florida factory, headed by sculptor Pat Newman, created 60 wax figures for the museum. The lobby was Egyptian themed, with two torches on either side of the door in to the white building and simulated Egyptian sandstone walls in the lobby. Beside the ticket booth in the lobby, just beside the entrance was Elizabeth Taylor dressed as Cleopatra from the 1963 film of the same name, with a cameraman and director filming her. The museum itself contained many stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball and Laurel and Hardy. The most impressive figure however was a 12 and half foot tall King Kong figure, the largest wax figure ever made at the time. The news article about his creation can be read here, however it incorrectly calls Movieland the "Hollywood Wax Museum". Noticeably absent from Movieland on opening day was a horror section. The notion of putting horror movie sections in wax museum hadn't caught on yet, with Tussaud's "Chamber of Horrors" being dedicated to torture methods and historical tyrants rather than film. This would later change and Movieland would receive a horror movie section as we'll cover in part 3.
To coincide with Movieland's opening, Howe also leased the land from Welland Securities just up the hill from the driveway into the Cliffside. On this land he constructed the 184 ft. tall Space Spiral Tower, built by Universal Design of Wildwood, New Jersey. The tower was half ride-half observation deck, with a large, circular, slowly spinning observation deck that rose up the tower that held 30 riders. This is exactly where the Fudge Factory now sits, as the store is circular because that was originally the loading area for the tower before it was demolished in 2006.
So by this point, the hill had gone from a budget, off the main strip camping and cabin area to a strip of motels and small attractions, with a large observation tower ride it's focal point. Motel strips like this could be found all throughout North America in the 60s, in tourist hot spots like Lake George, Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach. But a single attraction was about to usher in a wave of arcades, haunted houses and testaments to the weird that would make Clifton Hill unlike anything else on earth... And it would all be thanks to a young artist, beloved city engineer, avid horror fan and technology wizard who was about to change everything. Stay tuned for part 3!
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I just got back from Canada.

Typical American tourist here (I suppose).
You know how it is with us, we come up from the States, check in to a hotel, get lost regular stuff like that.
Anyway, entering the country was not really all that great honestly. The customs guy was a complete and total prick. Traffic. Construction. That I expected, the latter half I expected though. The customs guy will get his one day, so I won't say any more on it unless asked.
After entering the country, we checked in and began progress towards the Niagara Falls. We found a place to park and all, but countless people before me have seen the Falls, and countless people after me will, too. What I want to say, as an American, and a first time visitor to Canada is that I never expected Ontario to be as large and as dense as it was.
Between the casinos, the general nightlife and downtown it reminded me of Las Vegas back stateside. Very, VERY packed city. I was taken off-guard, and I liked it.
A couple things are just insane, though. CAN$62 for breakfast for 2 and it seeming there's a MINIMUM of 6 IHOPs within a square mile.
TLDR, Canada was nice. Nice places and seemingly nice people (didn't talk to anybody), but man those prices are killer.
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Travel Tips for GP Niagara Falls

As there seems to be a bit of a controversy surrounding the location, as well as some misunderstandings regarding travel to the upcoming Legacy GP in Niagara Falls. I thought I might post a few helpful hints for those interested in attending. I don’t think that this is as bad as the letter from Hipsters of the Coast described, so I figured I’d at least break down the travel and entertainment portion.

Travel to Region:

The two nearest major airports are Buffalo/Niagara International Airport (BUF), and Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). The venue is about 30 Minutes from BUF, and 1 to 2 hours from YYZ. Be aware, you will need a passport to cross into the New York side from Canada. You can get direct flights to Buffalo from a number of major US cities, including NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tampa, and others See this link for a more exhaustive list. If you plan on driving to the region, the main interstate leading there will be Interstate 90. If you plan on driving from the New York Metro area, I can give you shortcuts and a list of known speed traps if


There are many hotels in Niagara Falls, however as it is a tourist destination, they can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are also many hotels available in the northern Buffalo suburbs (Northtowns), particularly in Amherst near the University at Buffalo, as well as a smaller number of budget options in Tonawanda, NY. As that weekend is not a weekend for any major events at UB, hotels nearby should be reasonably priced. Here’s a small sampling

Local Travel

If you are driving, be aware the quickest route to the venue will be through Grand Island, and has tolls on either side of the bridge ($1 each way). The bridge has been converted to cashless tolling, so if you don’t have EZPass, you will be mailed a bill for the toll. The longer way to the venue would be to take Niagara Falls Blvd through the Northtowns and around the bridge into Niagara County. This will add significant time to your travel however as this is a local street and has many traffic lights.
Alternatively, Uber and Lyft both operate in the Buffalo/Niagara region. An estimated Uber or Lyft from the Northtowns runs in the $30 Range each way. Parking at the venue will run $20 per car.

Meals and Entertainment

For meals, while you are in the area I recommend you try three things. If you want to get something quick, I recommend one of two options – Mighty Taco or the prepared foods section at one of the many Wegmans locations around the area. For more of a sit down, there are many places to try the two main local foods. Wings and Beef on Weck. I could say where I prefer to obtain them, but everyone in the area has an opinion on which place has the best of each. If you are observing Lent on Good Friday, there are numerous places that specialize in Fried Haddock around the area. You’ll see signs for Friday Fish-Fry all over the place. As for nightlife, it has been quite a few years since I last went out in the area, but there are a number of bar districts in Buffalo and Niagara Falls and a large amount of bars in between. I’ll leave this to a local to give better options. You can also go out on the Canada side of the Falls, where the drinking age is lower. Be forewarned Do not drive drunk across the border. Honestly, don’t ever drive drunk, but DUIs are a felony in Canada. Also, if you go out in Canada, you will need a passport to get back across the border.
Since at heart, Magic players are gamblers, there is a Casino within walking distance of the venue as well as one across the border.
For more adult forms of entertainment, I won’t give specifics, but ask around, the locals refer to something called The Canadian Ballet.

Odds and Ends

There is plenty of shopping around if needed. If you are a smoker, you can obtain duty free cigarettes, but it requires a border crossing. I’m sure I’m missing some things; I’ll be happy to respond to other questions if I know the answer. If there are WNY locals reading and care to add anything, correct anything, or respond to questions I don’t know, I’m happy for them to do so.
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Travel Tips for GP Niagara Falls

As there seems to be a bit of a controversy surrounding the location, as well as some misunderstandings regarding travel to the upcoming Legacy GP in Niagara Falls. I thought I might post a few helpful hints for those interested in attending. I don’t think that this is as bad as the letter from Hipsters of the Coast described, so I figured I’d at least break down the travel and entertainment portion.

Travel to Region:

The two nearest major airports are Buffalo/Niagara International Airport (BUF), and Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). The venue is about 30 Minutes from BUF, and 1 to 2 hours from YYZ. Be aware, you will need a passport to cross into the New York side from Canada. You can get direct flights to Buffalo from a number of major US cities, including NYC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Tampa, and others See this link for a more exhaustive list. If you plan on driving to the region, the main interstate leading there will be Interstate 90. If you plan on driving from the New York Metro area, I can give you shortcuts and a list of known speed traps if


There are many hotels in Niagara Falls, however as it is a tourist destination, they can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are also many hotels available in the northern Buffalo suburbs (Northtowns), particularly in Amherst near the University at Buffalo, as well as a smaller number of budget options in Tonawanda, NY. As that weekend is not a weekend for any major events at UB, hotels nearby should be reasonably priced. Here’s a small sampling

Local Travel

If you are driving, be aware the quickest route to the venue will be through Grand Island, and has tolls on either side of the bridge ($1 each way). The bridge has been converted to cashless tolling, so if you don’t have EZPass, you will be mailed a bill for the toll. The longer way to the venue would be to take Niagara Falls Blvd through the Northtowns and around the bridge into Niagara County. This will add significant time to your travel however as this is a local street and has many traffic lights.
Alternatively, Uber and Lyft both operate in the Buffalo/Niagara region. An estimated Uber or Lyft from the Northtowns runs in the $30 Range each way. Parking at the venue will run $20 per car.

Meals and Entertainment

For meals, while you are in the area I recommend you try three things. If you want to get something quick, I recommend one of two options – Mighty Taco or the prepared foods section at one of the many Wegmans locations around the area. For more of a sit down, there are many places to try the two main local foods. Wings and Beef on Weck. I could say where I prefer to obtain them, but everyone in the area has an opinion on which place has the best of each. If you are observing Lent on Good Friday, there are numerous places that specialize in Fried Haddock around the area. You’ll see signs for Friday Fish-Fry all over the place. As for nightlife, it has been quite a few years since I last went out in the area, but there are a number of bar districts in Buffalo and Niagara Falls and a large amount of bars in between. I’ll leave this to a local to give better options. You can also go out on the Canada side of the Falls, where the drinking age is lower. Be forewarned Do not drive drunk across the border. Honestly, don’t ever drive drunk, but DUIs are a felony in Canada. Also, if you go out in Canada, you will need a passport to get back across the border.
Since at heart, Magic players are gamblers, there is a Casino within walking distance of the venue as well as one across the border.
For more adult forms of entertainment, I won’t give specifics, but ask around, the locals refer to something called The Canadian Ballet.

Odds and Ends

There is plenty of shopping around if needed. If you are a smoker, you can obtain duty free cigarettes, but it requires a border crossing. I’m sure I’m missing some things; I’ll be happy to respond to other questions if I know the answer. If there are WNY locals reading and care to add anything, correct anything, or respond to questions I don’t know, I’m happy for them to do so.
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Toronto To Niagara Falls Half Day Private Tour

Get Hooked On Adventure From Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Tour
Experience the spell bond natural beauty journey to Niagara Falls for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy the world-famous iconic masterpiece and natural beauty with Niagara Falls Tours. Enjoy the natural beauty once in your life by visiting Niagara Falls. Other than enjoying the falls, there is a lot more to go around.
Few travel agents offer a variety of Niagara Falls Private Sightseeing Tours that will be mainly dependent on group sizes and tour duration.
If you are willing to travel individually or in a group with your family or friends up to 4 people and cannot spend an entire day in Niagara Falls, then you can go to Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Tour. The tour itinerary is customizable – the choice entirely depends on you, you can spend some time at the Falls and explore the places that you are interested in or visit a few sights and attractions.
Here Is What The Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Tour Looks Like:
Pick You Up From The Hotel: The tour operators offer you pick up from any hotel in the Greater Toronto Area or any nearby pickup destination. If you go to Niagara Falls in your car, you will see the Floral Clock on Niagara Parkway; if you want, you can stop and take some pictures of the scenic beauty.
Explore Clifton Hill: Visit Clifton Hill stand at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls, and you can even visit Queen Victoria Park. You could venture into Clifton Hill, which is a walking distance from the Falls. Clifton Hill has Casino, museums, restaurants, the Niagara Skywheel, Fudge Factory and many other attractions.
Hornblower Boat Cruise: Want to do something exhilarating on your Niagara Falls Private Tour then take the Hornblower Niagara boat cruise. This breathtaking ride will take you into the basin of the Horseshoe Falls.
You can enjoy the lip-smacking lunch at the Sheraton Fallsview Restaurant.
Finally, you can take one final look at the Falls and enjoy the scenic drive on Niagara Parkway as you go back home. You will be dropped back at your hotel, or if you want, you can opt for a drop-off at the airport.
This Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Tour is perfect for those who have come to Toronto and are eager to see the Niagara Falls but don't have ample time to spend an entire day in Niagara Falls.
So, enjoy your valuable time in the most precious Niagara Falls with Toronto To Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Tour, If you want to know more details then dig into following links:
· Best Niagara Falls Tour From Toronto half day
· Day Tours Niagara
· Half-Day Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto
· Half-Day Niagara Tour From Toronto
· Half-Day Wine Tour Niagara
· A helicopter from Toronto to Niagara falls
· Helicopter Ride Toronto Niagara falls
· Niagara Falls Afternoon Tour From Toronto
· Niagara Falls and Winery Tours from Toronto
· Niagara Falls Half-Day Tour From Toronto
· Niagara Falls Tour With Cruise
· Niagara Falls Tours Canada side
· Niagara Falls Tours from Toronto
· Niagara Tours from Toronto
· Short Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto
· Toronto helicopter our Niagara falls
· Toronto to Niagara Falls Half-Day Private Trip
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Wantes to share my experience of visiting your country without knowing anything about it

Hello everyone. I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while
A little more than a month ago I was able to visit your country. I didn't know much about it before going so I thought it would be cool to share with you the experience of someone that visited it with basically 0 information and what is the impression your country gives to a traveler without preconceptions. The only things I knew about your country were:
1.-It is cold. There's snow
2.-There are Moose.
3.-Some speak French.
4.-Niagara falls.
5.-They say Canadians are good people.
That's about it. If I'm honest I wasn't very excited to visit your country beforehand but boy was I impressed.
At first I was underwhelmed with the falls. I saw them from afar and with how much people, shows and even cartoons talk about how big they are, they seemed small in comparison. I realized my expectations were blown out of proportion by what I had heard about them so I tried to look at them objectively after that.
I guess seeing them from above wasn’t helping because It wasn't until I took the boat that I realized how majestic they were. Looking up and being surrounded by the Canadian one was incredible. Even if everything else had sucked (which it didn't) the trip would have been worth it. .The light show with the fireworks at night was pretty cool, as well as that perpetual mist that even gets to the street. Really beautiful place. Very peaceful.
I want to give a special mention to the Rainbow Room restaurant at the top of the crowne plaza hotel. 10/10 would recommend. If you go visit Niagara Falls it's a must!. It has an amazing view of the falls and it's perfect for a wonderful dinner. It will probably seem like I'm getting paid but you gotta go there and try the scallops. Trust me. It's the most delicious food I have ever had in my entire life. I can't recommend this place enough. We went there for my fathers 60 birthday and it was excellent.
I honestly didn’t thought there were cities this big here.. I didn't expect to see how different the people and lifestyle of Toronto was compared to Niagara. It was hectic. And scary.
We arrived there at night and since our hotel was one block away from Eaton centre we decided to go for a walk. Just in our first night there we saw multiple beggars asking for money. Walking just a block away from the Yonge-Dundas square, still on Yonge, we started to see strip clubs and the smell of weed filled the air. Not what we expected from the main touristic area of the city. We went back towards the plaza and passed right by a taxi driver discussing with a customer “I'm calling the police you haven't paid me” “No! IM calling the police!”. We went on our way when suddenly we hear the man screaming. “HELP! HELP!” We turned around to see the taxi driver grabbing the man by the neck. What the fuck.
So we tried again the next day. We went to the same plaza to buy bus tickets for the bus that gives tours around town and there was a man dressed as a devil screaming to the tourist not to trust X hospital. Since most of us were either foreigner or from other areas i’m not sure exactly what he was trying to achieve, but police took him away from us soon after that.
The thing about that everything else was great! We stayed four nights and we didn’t see any other problem. Everyone was very kind, we saw the police guarding every block. The aquarium is cool, the tour in the boat in the lake was cool. The Natural and Art museum are amazing The CN Tower was pretty cool too as well as Casaloma. We met the most friendly taxi drivers there too. Overall..4/5
My favorite city. The perfect blend between old and new. The parliament and the change of guard as well as the light shows was pretty cool. It’s also cool since one side of the river is french and the other english so it feels like two cultures clashing and mixing as one community. We met a very kind couple while waiting for the light show. The lady didn’t speak any english (she was from montreal I think). Her husband was from Quebec but he did speak some english so he communicated through him. If they’re reading this, thanks for that chat!
Sadly I lost 500 dollars walking through Major’s Hill park. I had them in my jacket, but I took it off as it was hot and was holding it in my hand, but somewhere in the park I dropped the wallet, looked for it but never found it :/. Fortunately I didn’t lose my passport or cards!
And..I think I met the president? Maybe? We were walking towards the Fairmont when suddenly I see body guards and 3 black Suburbans (or similar), we walk past them towards the entrance of the hotel, I turn around and from my right (where the Parliament is) there is a tall man dressed with a blue shirt that looks kind of like Trudeau getting into the van in the middle. Now I’m not sure if he was him or not as I just saw him for like a second, and it’s weird the vans were in front of the Fairmont. All I know is he looked like him and he definitely didn’t come out of the hotel (as we were going in to see it), he was coming from the direction of the Parliament or the Metro. So in my head I saw your president I don’t care.
I was impressed it looks just like I imagine Europe to be. Small streets, horses doing tours, beautiful architecture and churches. On the topic of Churcest, they said they have the oldest church in north america I’m pretty sure that’s false because AFAIK Mexico and Cuba are part of north america and both had churches before there were even settlements in Canada. Still it was beautiful getting lost on the streets there. It definitely was one of the places that make me think “I need to come back to this place, I need to bring my Fiancee (which unfortunately couldn’t come)”.
One thing I did notice there was the…”us vs them” feeling when it came to french and english canadians. A lot of them refused to speak in english and I was surprised at how many people spoke spanish there. We met more people that spoke semi fluent or fluent spanish than people who spoke english. I think that’s kind of sad especially given the impression of unity I got in Ottawa, but maybe I had bad luck?
One thing I must say though, everyone was charming and kind in both the english and French parts. One funny thing that happened was when my father was checking in on the hotel, the receptionist saw we spoke spanish so she started to speak spanish too so we felt more comfortable (how kind!) but for some reason my father kept talking in english. So we had a french canadian speaking spanish to a mexican speaking english. I found that quite amusing.
The final stop was Montreal. If I had to describe the city it would be like the mixing of Toronto and Quebec. Big city but not that big. New buildings as well as very old ones. We took the tourist bus, went to the casino. The olympic park is worth a visit if you have time. I had never been to a planetarium and I think it was pretty cool.
Overall thoughts.
I think you have a beautiful country that you show be really proud of. One of my favorite things was that it is full of flowers! Every street in touristic areas is full of flowers and they make the city stand out. Apparently they all die in the winter so they are help at himbernaries? that’s amazing.
I had a lot of misconceptions about it too. For example I thought even if it wasn’t snowy it would still be very cold, but it wasn’t! It was hot! And people didn’t dress the way I thought they would. Seriously every single girl was wearing shorts! and I assume the guys were too.
Everyone was kind and did their best to help you if you asked. Although I found that people weren’t as accommodating? For example in toronto even though we stayed in a good hotel no one bothered to help us with the luggage, apparently it isn’t standard service there? It happened in a couple of places (All except Ottawa) so that was weird.
Something interesting I noted is that they serve the whole food in a single plate. Fruit, potatoes and the main dish are all on a single plate. Here in my country even if all of it is included they bring it to you on different plates. It’s not good or bad just interesting.
Sadly I didn't see neither snow nor a Moose. Really wanted to see them as I haven't seen either in my life. Also kinda sad I couldn't get a Nintendo switch as it was out of stock haha. Overall I was quite impressed by the country and the people. I didn’t expect much of it, I wasn’t interested, but I must say you guys have a beautiful country you should be proud of and if I have the opportunity it’s definitely a place I would love to go back to. I now genuinely think Canada is one of those places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. And If you live there and haven’t visited those places you should! Even if it’s just for one day like we did. It’s 100% worth it.
I hope this post is received well. I know it’s kinda long and I tried to not make it sound as a humble brag, I’m just really really happy I got to visit your country and share my experience of how different it was from what I had thought.
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Niagara Poker Room Review

Niagara Falls has changed things up since I was last there. There are 2 casinos, Fallsview and Casino Niagara, and they used to each have a poker room. Niagara had 1/2, 2/5 and probably on up, I don't know because I am a low-stakes player. Fallsview had went up from 2/5.
Fallsview no longer offers Poker, only Casino Niagara. They have moved their tables to a newly constructed room. The old room was in the lower level, but open to the rest of the casino, where the bings and bongs of the slots were part of the soundtrack. The new room is off to the back, has 26 nice, new tables, comfy chairs, and is walled off from the bustle of the casino floor. Limit runs 3/6 to 50/100, and NLHE is 1/3 to 50/100. There are also some Omaha, I think.
Buy-in is maxed at 100BB.
One big difference is that they have disposed of the rake. Instead, every 30 minutes there is a dealer swap, and everyone throws in a $6 "seating charge". So it's $12/hr to play a rakeless table. There is a pull for the BBJ.
Speaking of the BBJ, it's 50/25/25, and according to the rules, a full house of Aces over Queens or better, must be beat by a higher full house, Quads, or Straight Flush. Both hole cards must play. Right now it's running at a shade over 100K CDN. Keep in mind that in Canada, gambling winnings are not taxable.
As far as play is concerned, there was lots of action, but none of it went my way. The players seemed to know their stuff, and were nowhere near as loose as I had hoped. There were some 100-200BB pots, but I wasn't in 'em. I think Niagara might not be as loose as some other places, as there are something like 7 million people in the Greater Toronto area, and this is the only casino within the 2 hour drive. As well, there were some out-of-towners, one from Texas and one from London at the table.
Shitty variance day. Had an OESD + 4 to the flush coolered at the river. One hand I had AQo, flop A84, turn A, called the guy all-in, and the motherfucker flips over pocket 8's. One hand I had the nut flush, bet 10BB into a 5BB pot and got ONE caller. Oooooo, a whole $42 payout for the nuts. It was just not my night. Stupid shit like folding 46 pre and seeing a 664 flop. Lady Luck was spitting in my eye at times. Eventually I busted out and headed home.
That's poker. I wasn't bringing money I couldn't afford to lose, I enjoyed my time there, the table was pretty sociable, and I had a good time. I actually had more money in my budget for the night, but the way things were running for me, I decided not to rebuy. Knowing when to pull the plug is a skill I am still learning. I've gone from "Where's the fucking ATM?" to "That's poker. Have a good night, gents."
Have a good night, gents.
EDIT: Sorry, there are other casinos within 2 hours of Toronto. There's Rama, with 10 tables, Brantford with 14, and Blue Heron with 7, but those numbers might not be accurate.
EDIT 2: If you are thinking of visiting, competition for the tourist dollar is substantial, and the off-season is coming up. Shop around, there are some really nice hotels, suites overlooking the Falls, that can be had in the $100 range mid-week, maybe a little more on the weekends.
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Best Places To Visit In Canada In 2019 That Will Leave You Spellbound!

The best places to visit in Canada are a proof that the country has a heart bigger than its size when it comes to satiating the wanderlust of every type of traveler. And you would happily agree with us once you see them with your own eyes. Be it the lakes, the gardens, or the cities as a whole, Canada has got it all that would make your holiday worthwhile!

Take a look at these places in Canada so that you know which ones you need to put on the top of your list!

Best Places To Visit In Canada In 2019
Thinking about exploring Canada? Here is the perfect list of the great places to visit in Canada on your trip. Take a look!

  1. Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls With Rainbow in Canada
If there is one destination you’d find in every ‘best places to visit in Canada during summers’ list, it is the Niagara Falls. Built along the spellbinding waterfalls by the same name, this famous city is an ideal place to explore if you’re looking for a magical experience.
Have a great time enjoying the views and clicking pictures of the cascading falls.
Things To Do:

Witness the gorgeous waterfalls
Get your game on at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort
Spend time at the MarineLand
Location: Ontario, Canada

Must Read: 10 Vancouver Hotels For Luxury And Budget Travelers

  1. Whistler
best places to visit in Canada in winter
Home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler is your winter holiday destination! Skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are few of the thrilling sports to indulge in for enjoying in this captivating snow land. So, if you are a thrill seeker, then Whistler is one of the best places to visit in Canada for you!

Things To Do:

Indulge in snowmobiling
Witness the town’s vibrant culture by visiting the art museums and cultural centres
Dine at 21 Steps or Alta Bistro
Location: British Columbia, Canada

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  1. Quebec City
Romantic places to visit in Canada
Renowned as North America’s oldest walled city, this is amongst those Canada tourist places, which you must visit with your partner if magic, romance, and all things french is what tickles your fancy the most. Have an amazing time with your partner in the magical Quebec city.

Things To Do:

Visit the historic attractions like The Citadel
Relax at the BattleFields Park
Walk along the scenic Terrasse Dufferin
Location: Québec, Canada

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  1. St. John’s
colored houses in St. John's Canada
Popular for its jelly beaned & crayon colored houses, and being an artist’s retreat, St. John’s is like a mini San Francisco. Despite being the oldest city, the vibe of this place is as refreshing as that of any metro town, which is perfect for any of your holidays. Also, do not miss the Water Street when you are here!

Things To Do:

Visit the Cape Spear Lighthouse
Learn about the local culture and history at The Rooms
Shop and eat at the famous Water Street
Location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

  1. Tofino
beach town in canada
Image Courtesy:

If you can’t imagine a holiday without a beach, Tofino is the place for you! It’s a paradise for water lovers and a haven for people seeking comfort in their cozy hotel rooms after spending a long day out in the town. Have a great time by the beach in Tofino.

Things To Do:

Explore the famous beaches like Long Beach and Chesterman Beach
Try the popular fish tacos
Indulge in kayaking and camping at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

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  1. Churchill
Polar bear capital of the world canada
This small town located on Hudson Bay definitely counts as one of the best places to visit in Canada. Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchills is the perfect hotspot for travelers who love having a close encounter with wildlife. It is also a great destination for adventure seekers and one can enjoy underwater activities here.

Things To Do:

Swim or snorkel with Beluga whales
Explore Fort Prince of Wales
Take a Tundra Buggy tour
Location: Manitoba, Canada

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  1. Old Montreal
Best places to visit in canada
Old-world charm, spectacular buildings, and horse-drawn carriages are pretty much what describes the fascinating aura of this oldest area in Montreal. For travelers in pursuit of a peaceful & unique experience, this is the perfect place to be! Have a great time with your folks here.

Things To Do:

Explore the underground city
Rejuvenate at the Spa Scandinave
Take the Old Montreal food tour
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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  1. Banff National Park
Beautiful Banff National Park Canada
Image Courtesy:
Chances are, you have already heard of Banff a lot of times. And why not, it is amongst the top Canada destinations every traveler must visit. Turquoise colored lakes, spectacular glaciers, snow capped peaks, and mesmerizing landscapes, everything beautiful can be witnessed here at once. Excited to visit?

Things To Do:

Capture the beauty of Lake Louise and Bow Lake
Take a ride in the Banff Gondola
Go for hiking or whitewater rafting
Timings: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day

Location: 224 Banff Avenue, Town of Banff, Alberta, Canada

  1. Stanley Park
famous parks to visit in vancouver canada
Vancouver is one of the most famous French cities in Canada which is a popular destination among travelers. If the red-orange colored trees shown in movies have always tickled your fancy, Stanley Park is one place you have to visit in Canada. The red cedar and Douglas fir trees around with a gorgeous view of the city would not only leave you spellbound but also make you fall for nature again. Do visit the park on your next Canadian vacation.

Things To Do:

Walk through the majestic cedars and firs
Indulge in biking or rollerblading
Take a ride in the Miniature Train
Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

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  1. Butchart Gardens
Popular gardens to visit in Canada
Of all the top tourist attractions in Canada, Butchart Gardens is the best place to explore with a camera in hand. With an enchanting display of flowers around, fun boat tours, night illuminations & more, there’s a lot to see and do here that will make your holiday vibrant! Ready to capture some Instagram worthy pictures?

Things To Do:

Capture the gorgeous flowers around
Witness the fireworks show designed by Disney
Indulge in ice skating
Timings: 8:45 AM to 10:00 PM

Location: 800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J8, Canada

  1. Okanagan Valley
Beautiful places to visit in Canada
Image Courtesy:
Known for its wineries and fruit orchards, the Okanagan is a beautiful place to visit in Canada. A walk into the regions here makes you feel like you have stepped right into heaven. So, try and savour the beauty around not just with your eyes, but also with your camera. Book yourself a wine tour at one of its wineries!

Things To Do:

Visit the Sperling Vineyards or Mission Hill Winery
Spend time at the Okanagan Lake
Take a tour of the Kelowna region
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Looking for photos of niagara from the late 1980’s.

Back in 1988 my family came to Canada for a visit, and we did plenty of touristy stuff including Niagara Falls. We took tons of photos (for that time) and they are all of us in front of the falls or of the falls from the top of the skylon tower. But none were taken of the area where all the hotels and the fallsview casino are. I recently went back and was wondering what it used to look like when we visited the first time. I have tried finding some online but no luck. Would anyone have any that they could share? It would be nice to see how it has change in the last 30 years! Tia.
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Pissed that I had to stop playing Neverwinter for a weekend, won 250 bucks on D&D slots XD

Was excited for a weekend out with the boys in Niagara Falls, ON. But as always, leaving Faerun for a couple of days was painful. We arrived, got settled in, and headed to Fallsview Casino which was conveniently attached to our hotel by tunnel. Then... I saw this:
Hohengroth was calling to me... saying my name.
"NO HOHENGROTH!" I shouted at him... "I'm supposed to be on vaca with my boys!" But he wouldn't listen, he compelled me to drop a 20 in that beautiful machine... After placing my bet I was greeted with multiple slot screens of beholders, dragons, Dwarves and Muradin's Hammer. Then suddenly, a bonus game appeared. I saw a dragon roaring and the money kept on multiplying! And behold! I was rewarded for my loyalty!!! From his Dragon Hoard, Hohengroth gave me a gift. I wish I would have taken a snapshot of the winning screen. Was this fate? I left Neverwinter, but did Neverwinter ever leave me? Nobody will ever know.
If anyone is in the vacinity of Niagara Falls (Canada side), go visit our buddy at the D&D slots. Perhaps he will bless you as did me. Fun times. This machine totally caught me off guard. Beautiful design and fun slot.
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Best Niagara Falls Tours Canada

Best Niagara Falls Tours Canada
One of the most thrilling places to visit in Canada is The Niagara Falls. Because of the beauty it has got, many of the visitors plan more than one visit a year for the Best Niagara Falls Tours Canada.
It is always exciting to visit the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world. A Niagara Falls visitor always takes great memories with him after visiting it and loves to plan another visit to the Falls in future.
Visiting the Niagara Falls from the Canadian side always leaves the best memories for all those who visit it. Also, those who visit from the Canadian end do share their memories and recommend to their friends.
Once upon a time, the Niagara Falls area was a honeymoon spot for the newly married and families used to visit for vacation. Now along with the Niagara Falls, the surrounding areas have the entertaining stuff required for a visitor.
Know About the Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls comprises of three waterfalls which sit right on the border between the United States and Canada. From largest to smallest of the waterfalls are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.
The water falls from an elevation of more than 50 meters and releases more than 1 lakh cc of water on an average per minute.
Places To Visit In The Niagara Falls
The main attractions of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side are listed below:
• The Floral Clock • The Hornblower Niagara Cruises • Whirlpool Aero Car • The Souvenir shop • Fallsview Casino • Botanical Gardens • Wildplay Niagara’s Zipline • Skylon Tower for the best view of the area. • Niagara White Water Walk, Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace. • Great Canadian Midway, Reg’s Candy Kitchen, House of Frankenstein, and The Tower Hotel. • Dufferin Islands, Marineland of Canada, and the Bird Kingdom are worth watching. • Niagara Falls Boat tour operating in Niagara Falls, Canada, is worth watching. One can view the waters from very close quarters and experience the water falling on them like a spray. • For more thrill, one can also visit Whirlpool Jetboats and Nightmares Fear Factory. • Enjoy a candlelit dinner at the Fallsview Restaurant. Finally, Niagara Falls fireworks are the perfect ending to an evening at the Niagara Falls Canada Tours.
The Privilege of Online Ticket Booking
Anyone can book tickets online before visiting the Niagara Falls. From the above information you read, now you know the places to visit in and around the Niagara Falls region. Do not miss to visit any of the places surrounding the Niagara Falls, for they leave great memories for a lifetime.
Do not postpone your visit once you get a plan to visit the Niagara Falls, just book your Best Niagara Falls Tours Canada tickets online.
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Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tours

Niagara Falls, Canada, has everything that a perfect vacation destination should have.
It is close to major cities like Buffalo, NY (30-minute drive) and Toronto, ON (100-minute drive). Many visitors come to Niagara Falls for just a day.
Some of the Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tours are from out of town. People visiting Toronto can drive down to Niagara Falls or book a tour from a variety of Toronto to Niagara Falls tours.
With beautiful parks, great hotels and restaurants, wineries, spas, theatres, casinos, museums, theme parks, and much more, Niagara Falls is perfect for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.
Best Sightseeing Stops to View Niagara Falls
There are many ways to experience the power and majesty of Niagara Falls. Experience at least some of them.
The Hornblower Niagara Boat Cruise and Journey Behind the Falls are two attractions where you get very close to Niagara Falls. For a bird’s eye view of the Falls, go up Skylon Tower or take a ride on Niagara SkyWheel.
You could book a hotel room with a view of Niagara Falls – your personal window to the Falls. Dine at a restaurant that offers views of the Falls.
See Niagara Falls Illumination which takes place every evening. Falls Fireworks (seasonal) is another popular attraction.
Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tours
The best way to see Niagara Falls Canada is by taking one or more of the tours offered by various tour operators. Most of the tours cover both Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls, so you are getting two tours for the price of one. Some of the Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tours are:
• Niagara Falls Day Tour (with pickup from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, etc.) • Niagara Falls Evening Tour • Niagara Falls Private Tours • Niagara Falls Half Day Tours
If you are interested in wines, there are many winery tours to choose from.
What You Will See On The Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tours
Hornblower Niagara Cruise, Clifton Hill, Journey Behind the Falls, Floral Clock, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Queenston Heights Park and winery tour are part of any Niagara Falls tour itinerary.
Choosing The Best Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tour For You
If you are in Toronto and can spare a day, book a one day tour of Niagara Falls. Take a half day tour from Toronto if you cannot spend a day in Niagara Falls.
Take a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls (15 minutes) if you have time.
A guided tour is a great way to see Niagara Falls!
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My trip to the falls

Not sure if this will help someone in the future but hopefully it does. The main attraction of going to Niagara Falls was going to my favorite band Collective Soul that were playing at Seneca Casino on the American side. Since it was a bit much of a drive back I decided to go down and spend the night down there. Plus I wanted to visit the Canadian side and do some fun stuff.
Finding a hotel without losing an arm and a leg was easily the hardest part. I ended up going with the Econo Lodge By The Falls on Victoria Avenue. I was able to get 15% through my college's alumini so it came to about $157 where as some hotels nearby were asking $300.00 or more. Due to the price and since it was close to the attractions made it worthwhile for me but the room was pretty basic. The TV only had 10 channels and the picture was a bit fuzzy for instance. The one thing people might want to look at is find a hotel further away from the area and just park there as there didn't seem to be any shortage of parking.
I did get the Clifton Hills Fun Pass and each one were okay. I wasn't blown away by them as an adult but they are geared towards kids. I ended up doing some of them after the concert since they were open until 1 am. I was still surprised to see how busy the place was at midnight and still lots of kids were running around at that time.
For getting over the border I actually walked over the bridge. It cost a $1 to get into the States while it cost nothing to get back into Canada. There was a short 5 to 10 minute wait to speak to an agent on both ends for me. The casino was big and really nice looking so it was a bit strange to find the concert being held in a conference room with conference room chairs. They were comfy though.
The one other note is on the way down the QEW was stop and go in around the Hamilton area which added an extra 30-45 minutes to the drive. On the way back I had no slowdowns.
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Explore Niagara Falls with Niagara Falls Tours

See the top sights in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake Canada with a Niagara Falls Tour. Stops at Niagara Falls, a winery, boat ride, Floral Clock and more!
Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a popular tourist destination because it is affordable and has a wide range of activities and attractions. There is something for everybody here. Accommodations for every budget are available!
The massive Niagara Falls is a breathtaking sight. Experience the raw power of the Falls with the Hornblower Niagara Cruise to the base of American and Horseshoe Falls.
For some fun, visit Clifton Hill. It has museums, arcades, the Niagara SkyWheel, and more!
The Niagara region is famous for its wines and icewines. All Niagara Falls Tours include a winery tour and wine sampling.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, a 20-minute drive from Niagara Falls, is a lovely place – famous for wineries, vineyards, and Victorian-era architecture.
Niagara Parkway, running parallel to the Niagara River on the Canadian side, has many attractions like Queen Victoria Park, Dufferin Islands, Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, Hornblower Niagara Cruises, Floral Clock, Niagara Glen, Whitewater Walk, etc.
Casinos, great theatre, restaurants, amusement parks, recreation trails and shopping are some of the other attractions in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
You can even book a helicopter tour as an add-on with your Niagara Falls Tour.
See Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake in a Day with Niagara Falls Tours
Niagara Falls Day Tours take you to all the top sights in Niagara Falls, Canada. It is roughly 9 hours’ duration with pickups from Toronto, Mississauga, and other places close to Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Any Niagara Falls tour of the Canadian side includes a stop in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Floral Clock and Queenston Heights are some of the other major stops on the tour.
An Evening Tour Of Niagara Falls, Canada – See Niagara Falls By Day And Night
If you do not like getting up early in the morning or wish to see the illuminated Niagara Falls at nighttime, you can take the Niagara Falls Evening Tour.
The tour starts at around 1:30 p.m. This 9-hour tour includes all the major sights in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, and ends with a view of the Falls illuminated by colourful lights in the evening. On some nights, there is a 10-minute fireworks display over Niagara Falls at 10:00 p.m. Check schedule here.
Do It Your Way – Niagara Falls Private Tours
You can book a private tour where you get to decide the itinerary. Depending on your group size, you can book a limousine, SUV, van, or a bus coach.
Best Time to Visit Niagara Falls
Any time between May to October is a great time to visit Niagara Falls as all the attractions are open during this time. Summertime (June to August) is peak tourist season in Niagara Falls. Hotels are cheaper in the fall and winter.
Niagara Falls looks beautiful in every season!
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The TOURS That Wins Customers - Niagara Falls Tours!

Niagara Falls is considered one of the world’s wonders and is absolutely incredible! Everyone will love the scenic beauty of this natural wonder. Many would love to take a tour at least once in a year, especially the North and South American tourists. Niagara Falls Tours is one of the most entertaining tours. One would always remember and love to revisit the Falls again and again!
Niagara Falls - Famed For Its Scenic Beauty!
Touring Niagara Falls from the Canadian side is very popular. It is said to be a treat because of the entertainment available for the visitors. Many prefer visiting the Niagara Falls from Canada end when compared to the US end.
Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario, Canada, famed for its beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. It is on the western bank of the Niagara River, in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario.
There are many tour operators running their services to Niagara Falls for family enjoyment and lifetime memories.
Some Of The Tour Highlights!
 Free Pick up/drop off from Airport/Hotels  Visit Niagara Falls  Visit Hornblower (Seasonal)  Visit Skylon Tower.  Journey Behind The Falls.  Buffet Lunch Or Dinner.  Whirlpool.  Floral Clock.  Niagara On The Lake.  Smallest Chapel.  The Wineries in the Niagara region.
One can experience awesome views from the Canadian side even during the winter season. Most of the attractions are open and provide good fun with spectacular views. The place is so big and relaxing that one will forget everything in the world with the enjoyment of the scenic beauty.
Niagara Falls Tours - A Tour Of Entertainment!
A few of the other entertaining stops or places surrounding the Niagara area are:
 Casino Niagara  Whirlpool Aero Car  Nightmares Fear Factory  Niagara White Water Walk  Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace  Great Canadian Midway  Reg’s Candy Kitchen  House of Frankenstein  The Tower Hotel  Dufferin Islands  Marineland of Canada  The Bird Kingdom.
Cultural History - Community Centres Host Cultural Activities
Talking about the culture of the Falls area and its surrounding places, there are a few areas that add to its culture. The Community centres that are host to cultural activities include:
 The City of Niagara Falls Museums  Niagara Falls Public Libraries  Coronation 50 Plus Recreation Centre  Club Italia  Scotia Bank Convention Centre.  Queen Street  Main and Ferry Streets  Stamford Centre  Cummington Square.
Popular Niagara Falls Tours - Niagara Falls Day Tour!
The most common tour is the Niagara Falls Day Tour. It is a 9.5-hour tour of the Falls along with other attractions. The Falls area has beautiful parks, recreation trails, boat rides to the Falls and many more.
Some other popular Niagara Falls Tours are:
 Niagara Falls Day Tours by bus coach – big group tour with a tour guide.  Toronto to Niagara Falls Tours  Half Day Niagara Falls Tours.  Niagara Evening Tours – see all the sights in the afternoon and wind up the tour with a view of the illuminated Falls by night.  Private Tour – travel with your group of friends, family or colleagues. Customize tour itinerary.  Niagara Falls Tours by helicopter.
As a visitor, one can plan to visit all the above places happily with ease and comfort. To explore the best at Niagara Falls, book your Niagara Falls Tour online now!
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Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most famous waterfalls. Millions come to see the Falls every year. It is perfect for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a group outing.
Across North America, for many families, Niagara Falls has become a yearly vacation destination.
Niagara Falls can be viewed from its two namesake towns on the Canadian and US sides. The view from Niagara Falls, Canada is better and it also has more activities/attractions for tourists.
Niagara Falls – A Natural Wonder of the World
This geological wonder was formed about 12,000 years ago by retreating glaciers and erosion. The spectacular sight of Niagara Falls leaves visitors awestruck. Visiting Niagara Falls is a once in a lifetime experience.
The Niagara Falls is made up of 3 waterfalls - American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls. The best view of Niagara Falls is from Niagara Parkway, a road that runs parallel to the Niagara River.
For a closer view of the Falls, visitors can go on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise, which takes them to the basin of Horseshoe Falls.
Where to stay in Niagara Falls, Canada?
Hotel accommodations are costliest during peak tourist season, which is June-August. A wide range of accommodations is available in Niagara Falls, Canada. There are resorts, upscale hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, inns, vacation rentals and budget hotels.
Popular Attractions in Niagara Falls Canada
Some of the must-see attractions in Niagara Falls, Canada are:
• Hornblower Niagara Cruises • Journey behind the Falls • Queen Victoria Park • Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory • Niagara Whirlpool • White Water Walk • Niagara SkyWheel & other places in Clifton Hill • Adam Beck Power Plant • Skylon Tower • Niagara Daredevil Museum • Niagara Falls Illumination
Popular Places near Niagara Falls, Canada
There are many places surrounding Niagara Falls Canada that are also scenic, full of history and has many interesting sights. If you are in Niagara Falls, Canada for more than a day, you can visit Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, and Fort Erie.
Niagara-on-the-Lake has many award-winning wineries and vineyards that offer a tour of their property and wine tasting too! Chocolate FX is a delightful place to visit.
Niagara Falls Canada – A Family Vacation Destination
Niagara Falls has many activities for families. There are museums, waterparks, zoos, boat tours, eateries, etc.
Some places you can visit with your family are: • Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum • Queen Victoria Park • Bird Kingdom • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark • Niagara SkyWheel • Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls • Butterfly Conservatory • Marineland of Canada • Great Canadian Midway • Americana Indoor Waterpark • Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks • Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours …….and more!
Niagara Falls Canada – Things To Do For Adults
The Niagara region is famous for its wines. Couples/adults can tour wineries dotting the Niagara Peninsula.
Niagara Falls has a vibrant nightlife with many pubs, nightclubs, and gourmet restaurants. There is also Casino Niagara, Niagara Fallsview Casino, spas, fine dining restaurants, and theatres.
Niagara Falls Canada is the perfect vacation destination for everyone!
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Niagara Falls Day Tour From Toronto

The favourite countries of the Western part of the world are the US and Canada. Undoubtedly these nations are multiculturally diverse. People are friendly, love travelling to destinations and are fun loving. A great ecological balance is maintained with discipline all the time by these nations. Niagara Falls Day Tour From Toronto is one of the best fun-filled tours.
Niagara Falls, Canada Side:
People travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls get loads of entertainment when compared to the travel from the US end. The Niagara Falls divides the US and Canada and is one of the most beautiful borders in the world. It is always nice to start the Niagara Falls Tour from Toronto with day tours.
Why most people visit the Niagara Falls?
Niagara Falls always has beautiful, magnificent and breath-taking views, which makes a visit to it memorable for all in their lifetime. It is for this reason, many people visit the Niagara Falls from many parts of the world. Niagara Falls is an interesting destination for tourism. No visit to Canada is complete without a visit to the Niagara Falls From Toronto.
How Does the Day Tour Start From Toronto?
The Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto starts with personalized pickups from various notified destinations. The pickup points can be from the traveller’s destination, hotels, highway points or from points where the tour operator specifies. The pickups are done through the tour operator’s fleet of vehicles. These vehicles include four and eight-seat cars, or SUVs, limos and other luxury vehicles, minivans, minibuses, and large bus coaches. It takes just an hour and a half time of travel by road to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto.
Check Travellers Reviews On The Internet:
If you have a debate on which side is good for entertainment with colourful picturesque, you better browse through the Internet. Check with the keyword, Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto, you can find many reviews on the Internet about which end of the Niagara Falls is the best. Most people who visited from both ends, that is the, US and Canada ends, would rate Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto high. This tour has given them the best tour experience to the Niagara Falls region to and fro.
Tour Guides Double Your Entertainment:
The presence of tour guides makes the to and fro journey more interesting along with all other entertainments the travellers enjoy. The tour guides are all licensed and fully professional making the trip lively and more entertaining. Tour guides speak multiple International languages which makes the journey more interesting for any traveller.
Entertainment Places At The Niagara Falls:
After reaching the Niagara Falls area, the entertainment starts with: 1) Journey Behind The Falls. 2) Casino Niagara. 3) Skylon Tower. 4) Wineries in the Niagara region. 5) The Floral Clock. 6) Whirlpool Aero Car. 7) Nightmares Fear Factory. 8) Niagara White Water Walk. 9) Kurtz Orchards Farm and Marketplace. 10) Great Canadian Midway. 11) Reg’s Candy Kitchen. 12) House of Frankenstein. 13) The Tower Hotel. 14) Dufferin Islands. 15) Marineland of Canada 16) The Bird Kingdom.
The Exciting Hornblower Cruise:
In the Niagara Falls Day Tours From Toronto, apart from the above-mentioned places, one can also try the Hornblower cruise. The Hornblower is a great experience where one can see the Niagara Falls from close quarters by taking a ride in the boat. This is called the Niagara Falls Boat Tour or the Hornblower Cruise ride. The Hornblower boat easily accommodates around 350 people with a meal and seating arrangements. Overall, this is a great boat ride that gives everyone a great and thrilling experience coupled with fun.
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Hilton Niagara Falls, Watch Before You Stay Here ! 4-Star ... Fallsview Casino Niagara Falls - YouTube NIAGARA FALLS: Spectacular FALLSVIEW 💰🏨 Casino and Resort ... NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA - YouTube Crazy 16,000$ JACKPOT IN NIAGARA FALLS CASINO - YouTube King Suite at the Seneca Niagara Hotel and Casino ... Hotel Casino. Niágara Falls. Canada - YouTube Fallsview Casino Hotel Resort - Niagara Falls, Canada ... Fallsview Casino Resort / Niagara Falls Tour - YouTube Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario ...

Best Casino Hotels in Niagara Falls on Tripadvisor: Find 4,603 traveler reviews, 1,608 candid photos, and prices for 6 casino hotels in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Get in on the excitement at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort! Enjoy our 200,000 sq. ft. gaming floor, world-class dining & entertainment, all while overlooking the Falls. Casino Niagara features 2 floors of gaming with 1500 slot machines, 45 gaming tables, weekly live Niagara entertainment and three different venues for dining and drinks.. A luxury Ontario casino resort, the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is fun for non-gamers and gamers alike. In addition to over 100 gaming tables and over 3000 slot machines, Niagara Fallsview Casino is one of Canada's ... View deals for Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino - Adults Only, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Guests enjoy the locale. Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino is minutes away. WiFi and parking are free, and this hotel also features 10 restaurants. Niagara Falls offers 2 Casino venues that feature 24 hour excitement! Covering a combined total of close to 400,000 square feet, Niagara Falls Casinos feature more than 4,300 slot machines, and 170 gaming tables from roulette to poker. Visitors are sure to find their favourite game, or discover a new one. Niagara's Casinos are dining, shopping, and live entertainment destinations. We have the best hotels and motels in Niagara Falls Canada. Over 16,000 guestrooms in Niagara Falls, Canada; creating your ideal Ontario getaway is easy. Affordable, family-friendly lodging at Niagara Falls motels or water park hotels; rooms overlooking the falls at fallsview Niagara Falls hotels; round-the-clock entertainment offered by an Ontario casino hotel; or luxury hotels with full ... If you're planning a gaming trip to Niagara Falls, Canada, you can roll the dice at Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino, but those aren't the only places worth visiting while you're in town. Tourists speak highly of the fine wine, local cuisine, and beautiful waterfalls. You might want to visit top attractions like American Falls and Niagara Falls State Park. You can choose from 459 hotels and ... Guests can show either a Casino Players Advantage Member Card or Falls Avenue Resort Hotel Room Key Card for access. The Shuttle departs approximately every 30 minutes between 5pm-2am daily. Plan Ahead: Shuttle pickup is on the half hour (00:00, 00:30) at Fallsview Casino Resort, and on the 15’s (00:15, 00:45) at Casino Niagara. There is no ... Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel. Check into real luxury at the CAA/AAA Four Diamond awarded Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel. Reservations at Fallsview Casino Resort can be booked by calling 1 (877) 376-9722. » Book a Room. Perched high above the thundering waters of Niagara Falls, each of our 374 luxury rooms and suites were specially designed to provide breathtaking views of one of the natural ... Casino Niagara is surrounded by premium hotels with some of the best views of Niagara Falls with a multi-dimensional entertainment destination. Visit one of our partner hotels below to learn more. Sheraton On The Falls. The Sheraton on the Falls is Niagara’s premier fallsview hotel, situated directly across from the Falls in the heart of the tourist district. It is a CAA/AAA 4-Diamond rated ...

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Hilton Niagara Falls, Watch Before You Stay Here ! 4-Star ...

Our first time gambling at a casino. Will we win big or lose our money? You'll have to watch to find out. Footage of Fallsview Casino at Niagara Falls in ... My tour around Niagara Falls Ontario, featuring Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill, and more..... it was corner suite facing southwest so we didnt get a good view of the falls. even though you cant really see the falls anyway from a hotel on the american ... Diplomatic Suite in Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort - Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada Hey everyone thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave a like on the video and subscribe for more future content! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Video shot May 25-26, 2013. Niagara Falls, Ontario: Canada's Little Las Vegas. For Niagara Falls on foot, please feel free to watch my 2010 videos: http://ww... Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Canada. Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a Canadian city at the famous waterfalls of the same name, linked with the U.S. by... Hilton Niagara Falls In a great location, but a massive hotel with a room count at 1055 rooms, should you stay in this hotel? What are the rooms like, the vi... Room 2216 Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario Canada